The Man Company Blanc Body Perfume Deodorant Spray - For Men (120 ml)

The Man Company

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No Gas Body Perfume

Perfect for Everyday Use

 Long-Lasting Freshness

Upto 1000 Sprays

The Blanc body perfume for men is the must-have in the men’s travel kit or cosmetic setup. The perfume is the right choice for the men who are looking to enjoy a long lasting fragrance with maximum sprays. The long-lasting quality of the perfume would keep your mood fresh throughout

the day. The long lasting fragrance, accompanied by a maximum of sprays, Blanc is a must try body perfume for men.

Of course, the long-lasting fragrance is the quality men look for while purchasing a perfume; Blanc is the right pick that keeps up the promise.

The Blanc perfume with its strong fragrance gains to the desired attention throughout the gathering irrespective of the purpose of the gathering, be it a formal meeting or an informal party.

The natural scent in the perfume lifts your spirit and keeps you all day fresh.

The perfume works the best as a mood enhancer too. It uplifts your mood at the workplace environment and during events like formal meetings, boosting your performance.

The perfume adorns you with an added quality of offering a maximum number of sprays. Two important ever-desired qualities of the perfume are long lasting and maximum spray, both of which go hand in hand in making this the most irresistible pick.

The fragrance for the perfume offers a blissful experience each time you apply. Every fragrance

variation in Blanc perfume promises manly smell and offers:

Top Notes : Lemon, Birch leaves and Cardamom

Middle Notes : Lavender, Geranium and Juniper

Base Notes : Amberwood, musk and sandalwood

When to use?

There is no rule of about the time of usage. You can use it whenever you want to uplift and keep your mood fresh.

Shake the can well before using.

Hold it around 15 cm away from the skin.

Spray it on the body in small sprays.

Skin Type: All